"Ashley is an incredibly gifted musician and teacher. She has strong communication skills, a great work ethic and a warm, positive personality. She encourages my kids to work hard and our kids have progressed very well under her teaching. My kids enjoy their time with her. As a former piano teacher myself, and having observed many teachers over the years, I highly recommend Ashley."

- Brooke Bubna, Kindred Studio Parent


Nice to meet you! I'm Ashley. I began learning piano at the age of four, competing at the age of six, performing at the age of nine, and teaching at the age of fourteen.



Music is more than just notes strung together to make a melody. It is the language of the soul which is used as one of the most profound means of self-expression. I believe that any student- whether young or old, exceptionally talented or fiercely passionate- can achieve new levels of discipline, artistry and creativity through the process of learning music. 


My experience in teaching is broad & I am confident that together you will not only accomplish your loftiest musical goal, but you will enjoy the safe and intimately authentic environment of Kindred Studios. 

Whether new to music or looking to grow & be encouraged or challenged to reach newer heights musically, Ashley’s the teacher for you! I give her my highest recommendation!

                                                                      - Janine Fender, Kindred Studio Parent